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Need a Vehicle Under Tow Sign for Your Rig?

Do You want to Get Your Aussie Adventure Started ASAP And Need a Vehicle Under Tow Sign for Your Tow Vehicle? If so, read on…

Dear Friend

Vehicle Sign Unconditional GuaranteeIf you need a Vehicle Under Tow Sign for your rig, I have some good news for you.

Steve Scott here.

My Vehicle Under Tow signs are designed specifically for Motorhomes like yours that are towing a small car or Four Wheel Drive via an A-Frame tow bar setup (or something similar).

Which “Tow Smart” Vehicle Under Tow Sign do you need?

My Vehicle Under Tow signs are strong, lightweight, easy to see and read and they install in seconds.

You can also put it away just as simply and it will fold up and fit into your glove box till you need it next time.

All versions of my “Tow Smart” sign comply with text size and colours Australia wide and they come in a variety of standard types with custom versions available if you need something special.

Need more Detailed Vehicle Under Tow Sign Information? Click Here

On Sale Now – From $88 with Free Delivery & an Unconditional Australia Wide Replacement Guarantee