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Dear Friend

Have you been looking for a banner and want to make sure that you get one that does what you want it to? A banner that actually works?

In that case, I have some good news for you.

Hello, Steve Scott here, the Banner Guy 🙂 A banner that does what it should is not a burden or a cost, it is an asset, a money maker, a lead generator. It’s a marketing tool for you and your organisation or business.

Put simply a banner is a tool to get the people you wants to take the action you want.

Banners You Can Trust

That’s my point of difference, that’s what I offer you beyond just the products themselves (whether it banners, flags corflute signs, bunting, whatever).

It’s about providing you with an effective solution, something that will help you get the job you want, done.

I will not just hand over a flat piece of pretty “cut and paste” fabric or vinyl and call it a solution for you.

So Many Banners Are Letting Their Owners Down

Signs I see every day, the wrong colours used, this makes your message difficult to read.

Too much information, your banner or sign may as well be written in Swahili.

For “Drive By” traffic, you have about 2 seconds to get their attention and then be interesting enough to read. An ordinary banner will not do it. You need something special, something Extraordinary…

Extraordinary Banner DesignsMost of the stuff I create is geared towards businesses and organisations, but I work with people like you. Even if you have never had a sign like this before, I really do make things very simple.

Other organisations I enjoy working with include Professional and Sports Clubs, Schools (State & Private), church and community groups, as well as charities too.

The one thing all these people have in common is they have a message they want their locals to know about. Temporary signs work.

Your Banner Message is Crucial

Getting your message right is so important, think in terms of what do you want your sign to do?

Vinyl banners can be very good promoters. Your message is the Hook that makes them work. It doesn’t matter if  your prospects are business clients, new members, more parishioners, your sign can help bring them to you.

A banner or temporary sign can be excellent value for money, by the metre the is no better sign medium.

Advertising Should Be Calculated Investment, Not a Speculative Gamble

You only invest in any sign because there is a message you want to deliver to your prospects. One that will help your organisation move forward and grow, a little overblown I know, but you get the idea.

Whether that’s more customers for your business, more members for your club, or more support for your charity. Your banner needs to pay for itself, and get the job you want – done.

Vinyl Banners That Stand OutThe more effective your banners design (any sign in fact), the better it will accomplish the task you’ve set.

This may seem like common sense but when you look at some of the signs in your area, how many really catch your attention?

Every design I produce for my clients is unique and made to your specifications. I can lend you a hand with your signs design if you need it, I’ll help make it work and over 90% of my artwork is free  :).

Getting your design right can be 10, 20 even 100 times more effective than just slapping something together, I never do that.

This improvement is possible is because a poorly designed sign is useless. It will do you no good at all –  it a waste of money.

While an effective design will get the job you want done.

Bland, Boring & Ordinary Vinyl Banners Don’t Work

If you spent $100 on a poorly designed sign that doesn’t work, that’s $100 down the tube.

Spend that same $100 on a banner or sign that is on target.

One that uses the right colours to be seen and read easily, one that has the right message and engages your prospects.

The difference in performance, one to the other can be staggering.

There’s a lot to it. That’s what I am for.

I get a little hot under the collar when I see a badly designed banner or sign. They are such a waste.

I think of the  owner, wasting their money on a useless piece of advertising. Continue reading

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  • Updated August 22, 2018